Slow Descent

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Darkness and Shadows


Exercise 6 – Fiction

Over Time…

My family is going through a process of coping with a family member no longer able to live on her own. My great aunt has recently been admitted to a nursing home, and is diagnosed with dementia. Her short term memory is almost completely gone, and without it, she is no longer able to safely live alone.

When we entered her house for the first time in almost 10 years, we were overwhelmed by the condition of her home. She is a compulsive hoarder, and has been collecting antiques, papers, magazines, trinkets and clothing for years.

Cleanup has been painstakingly slow, and will take quite a long time to complete. After cleaning every day for a week, only two small rooms have been cleared. Her brother, my great uncle, returned from California to help with the cleanup and care of my great aunt.

This collection of photographs focus on my great uncle coping with the cleanup and care of my great aunt’s home, as well as my great aunt’s life based on the photographs of her home.

Film Photography

Exercise #4 of Photomedia II class. This assignment we experimented using medium format color film. I enjoy film photography and the results it can return.

The first five images were printed on Velvet Fine Art Paper in class.

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